Patients and PGA Golfers Experience Healing Power of the “Power Plate” at San Diego’s South Coast Spine Center!

Several years ago I discovered an amazing exercise technology known as Whole Body Vibration (WBV). Years of research demonstrated significant strength gains in shorter periods of time, increased bone density without potentially dangerous biphosphonate drugs, improved muscular and neurologic coordination, improved tissue healing, pain relief, improved muscle recovery, and faster neuromusculoskeletal conditioning. I knew that I would have to provide this technology for my patients some day.

When I opened the South Coast Spine Center in San Diego Almost 4 years ago, I was thankful to be able to procure the most advanced, tested, and proven acceleration trainer available; the Power Plate Pro5 Air Adaptive. Since then, the internet has been flooded with websites and blogs that proclaim the success of this well proven technology.

We’ve seen some incredible recoveries in our clinic over the last few years, many of them from the benefits of the Power Plate. We’re especially thrilled with the reversal of osteoporosis with our Power Plate, evidenced by pre and post DEXA scans, using our unique protocol and condition specific nutriceuticals.

The machine was designed in Denmark after years of planning and research, and has come to be known as the most popular, and most proven form of Whole Body Vibration or Acceleration Training in the world. The Power Plate’s fame has spread rapidly with it’s use by celebrities such as Madonna, Lance Armstrong, Sting, Claudia Schiffer, Shaquille O’Neal, and Clint Eastwood, to name a few. Its use has also grown in professional sports with more than alf of the NFL teams, a growing list of basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer teams. Germany’s World Cup Soccer Team uses 8 Power Plates for its players at every game.

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