EPOC epic

You may have heard about excess post-exercise oxygen consumption in the past. EPOC is the gas tank that powers your fat-stripping blowtorch, because when the type of training we’re advocating here induces an “oxygen debt,” it can increase your metabolic rate for up to 16 hours after
you train. This means that when you’re done working out—while you’re at school, at work, or sleeping—your body is still looking to consume fuel sources for the oxygen it needs to restore itself to a resting state of equilibrium. The good news for you is that it does this primarily through raiding fat stores.

“The EPOC effect does what steadystate cardio can’t do,” says Ryan Whitton, a strength coach in Austin, TX. “You still need some steady-state in your program to enhance recovery and strengthen your heart, but when it comes to stripping fat off your body, nothing works like circuit training to manipulate the speed at which your metabolism burns.”

Research has shown that the EPOC effect increases along with the intensity level of the type of exercise you’re performing. So, while you may burn more calories during a low-impact 45-minute treadmill session, you’ll affect your metabolic rate in a far more profound way if you throw in two or three
short-yet-intense ten minute metabolic circuits per week.

This is what the clients here already know. All sessions incorporate a full body conditioning workout using the principles of EPOC and then amplified with the Power Plate. It does not get any better! I have found that the Power plate when used in this manner has the longest EPOC effect out there…hands down!

Just sayin…

Come in and try it. What do you have to lose? It’s a short workout so you’re in and out in 30-45 minutes!

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