Your Questions, My Answers About My Services

Most of my clients are from Lake Norman area. We can train together in a quaint, private setting located in the Blake House in Cornelius where my POWERPLATES are located, or at your home. That does not mean, however, that I do not sometimes take longer trips to where you may be located. Just contact me. I am sure we will find a solution!

Absolutely, yes. I completed my certification with one of the most sought after, most prestigious, and most respected programs, NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), and I have worked for many years in a private personal training studio, as well as a number of other locations for over 30 years. I’m also presently working towards my PES certification (for professionl athletes). Just check out the “About Me“ page for more details about my biography.

Of course, you can train alone, but I believe that my main purpose is to motivate you, educate you, and develop a customized training program with you that corresponds to your requirements, problems, and goals. In addition, I am mainly your advisor. I can detect when your posture is not quite right or when you are putting too much pressure on the wrong muscles. Injuries are too easy to acquire and they can take a toll on your health in general, not to mention work. They can also take a long time to rehab which is no fun. I’m also trained to help you rehab old as well as new injuries. In addition, I can provide you with nutritional information which may help you move towards a healthier body, if that is one of your goals. Either way, just having someone to workout with has been proven in studies to increase one’s motivation into maintaining a consistent workout routine.

That is entirely up to you and depends on the amount of time you have and how committed you are. Usually, I train with my clients three times a week, though I have no problem with training more often, if preferred. POWERPLATE recommends training only three times per week at a maximum of 30-40 minutes, because it can be easy to “overtrain” on the plate. It seems like an easy workout when it actually is quite an intense session.

FAQ about Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush tanning is the easiest way to apply the active ingredient DHA (a colorless derivative of sugar cane which is FDA approved). The fine mist ensures a more perfect even application to the skin surface and since there is no rubbing; streaking or patchines is avoided. Application process takes about 15 minutes. Service may be offered in a booth or by a hand held system.

Darkening of the skin, or tanning, following an increased exposure to the sun is the result of a two stage process. Firstly, the pre-existent melanin is darkened by a physicochemical reaction and subsequently the rate of melanin synthesis in melanocytes and transfer of melanin granules to the cells of the epidermis is increased. Melanin is not usually observed in the more superficial cells of the stratum spinosum or in the more superficial strata. In the cells of the mid stratum spinosum the melanin granules fuse with lysosomes and the melanin is broken down. This explains why the skin does not stay permanently tanned, and it will only last 7 to 10 days. Also, the very top layer of the epidermis stratum corneum continually sheds being replaced by new cells.

Melanocytes produce pigment granules throughout the basal layer of the epidermis when stimulated by the sun and during the process there is uv ray exposure. Below the basal layer is the dermis. Pigment is produced above the basal layer given the entire epidermis a tanned look. Airbrush tanning also darkens the epidermis above the basal layer, when the DHA(dihydroxyacetone) reacts with the aminoacids and amino groups of the keratin forming brown color compounds. The process takes place in the outer layer of the epidermis with the advantage of no uv-sun exposure. It also last as long 7 to 10 days. A bronzer may be used to extend an existing tanned look.

Airbrush tanning produces quicker results, provides a healthier alternative to UV Tanning, and also may complement an existing tan. It’s safer, no added wrinkles, no added cancer threat, FDA approved, and shown to produce a Golden Natural tan look.

Bronzers have smaller amounts of DHA with other moisturizing skin care ingredients. Bronzers could be used alone to give the skin a subtle sun-kissed look or used to prolong or extend an existing Tan. Many use bronzers like ours with DHA and erythrulose to use as a base a day or two prior to an airbrush tanning session. Men also who may have extra body hair use Tan extenders as a base to apply, specially on the legs a day or two prior to their airbrush tanning session. This ensures an even more perfect application process. This step is not always necessary, however an effective option for many. Note: A bronzer could be applied at night prior to going to bed and by morning you could see a sun-kissed tanning glow.

Erythrulose is an ingredient similar to DHA, however it is more expensive so not all companies include it in their tanning solutions or bronzers. This explains some of the price differences. Erythrulose extends the more natural tan effect and works synergistically with DHA. It is a natural keto-sugar which reacts with primary and secondary amino groups on the dry cells of the epidermis. After an airbrush tanning it takes about 5 to 7 hours for the skin to show the tanned look effect. Avoid doing dishes or taking a shower prior to this time frame. Most salons and Day Spas offer written instructions for proper care and preparation.

For an airbrush tanning session it’s best to wear loose fitting clothing to the appointment, perhaps a dark color gym pant outfit that is comfortable. If tan lines are preferred during the session you may wish to wear a black undergarment bikini with a black bra with straps or strapless. Men may wear dark underwear of their choice or style preference. We also have a take home bronzer for retail that could be applied to more private areas, for touch-ups or to take along on your favorite vacation. Note: Men who have more hair on their legs may get the bronzer to pre-apply prior to the airbrush tanning appointment. This provides a great base in which to make sure the legs get more nicely covered. Dark color bikinis or undergarments are best since they will not stain and any spray that may get on it will rinse off later when you are done with the 7 to 11 hours waiting for the full golden effect to develop, though there are 1-4 four formulas available. After this time you may shower and any excess will rinse off while the golden tanned skin remains. A session only takes about 20 minutes at the most and it only takes about 7 minutes for the solution to fully dry. At this time you may dress with your loose fitting clothing and do your errands or return to work and after the 7 to 11 hours you shower. Take home written instructions are normally given during the visit. Enjoy your beautiful tanned look and moisturize the skin each day to make it last even longer.